HISTADRUT CHAIRMAN AVI NISSENKORN SAID Shelly Yachimovich “doesn’t care about workers” and slammed the Zionist Union representative following revelations of her backroom deal with fellow Zionist Union rep Eitan Cabel to dominate Israeli Labor.

Yachimovich announced about a month ago plans to run for chairperson of the Histadrut, Israel’s largest labor federation.

“I waited till this morning to see if Yachimovich would apologize and take responsibility for the deal,” said Nissenkorn, “but she’s doing it her way.”

“Yachimovich ‘went back and forth’ for many months before closing this underhanded deal with the Brothers Cabel. But even worse than that, for months and dozens of interviews she lied in denying the deal,” Nissenkorn said.

Yachimovich refused to come down, continuing to deny the deal that was revealed in taped conversations with Cabel which were aired on Israel’s Channel 2 on Thursday.

In conversations, Cabel says Yachimovich agreed to support him to lead Labor as long as Cabel agreed to support her bid to lead the Histadrut. At one point, Cabel says he “doesn’t’ care about the Histadrut.”

When she announced her candidacy on February 5, Yachimovich accused Nissenkorn of trying to keep her out of the running. She also thanked her “partner,” Eitan Cabel.

Cabel himself ran a failed campaign for the Histadrut chairmanship in 2012. Yachimovich was Labor chairwoman and head of the Opposition from 2012 to 2013, but the party elected Isaac Buji Herzog to replace her in November 2013.

Herzog supports Nissenkorn to lead the Histadrut.

One of Yachimovich’s fellow Labor representative Omer Bar-Lev said the deal represented the kind of “old politics” the public thought had gone away.

“The public is looking for leaders with integrity,”Bar-Lev said, “who know the way forward, who speak the truth in person, who don’t hide or do all these backroom deals. I’m very sorry a [Labor] faction member said what he said.”



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