DEPUTY FOREIGN MINISTER TZIPI HOTOVELY called for a “violent” response to attacks against the Jewish community in France.

Her comments came on the heels of a grisly attack against two Jewish brothers in Paris. A gang of assailants forced the two off the road in Bondy outside Paris , beat the two, and sawed off one of the brother’s fingers.

Hotovely called for a forceful response and to protect the French Jewish community.

KNESSET REPRESENTATIVE NAHMAN SHAI (Zionist Union) called Israel’s decision to deny an entry permit to a foreign Human Right Watch researcher “absolute nonsense.”

The centrist Knesset rep. called for discussions at the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee over the move, warning against opening a new front against nongovernmental organizations such as Human Rights Watch.

A letter sent by the Population and Immigration Authority accused Human Rights Watch of long engaging in political activity on behalf of Palestinian propagandists, a sentiment echoed by Foreign Ministry spokesman Emannuel Nahshon. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also the acting Foreign Minister.

Human Rights watched condemned the state decision to deny its researcher and entry permit, calling it an “ominous turn.”

SPEAKING ABOUT THE UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said, “as usual, we’re talking about the Anti Israel Council.”

In comments on his Facebook page, Liberman said the United Nations had a “twisted sense of morality,” evinced by its focus on a single killing in Israel versus the “millions of bullets” in Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

Centrist leader Yair Lapid also called out the Human Rights Council, accusing the “terrorist rights council” of an anti-Semitic bias.

Liberman and Lapid were responding to a statement earlier this week by the United Nations, which said the UN was “disturbed” by an Israeli court’s recent sentencing of Elor Azaria, the IDF soldier who killed a Palestinian assailant at point blank range after the man was already incapacitated. Azaria was sentenced to 18 months for manslaughter, though several ministers and the Israeli president have stepped forward requesting clemency.

The UN said the Tel Aviv military court’s sentence was “lenient.” The maximum sentence for manslaughter in Israel is 20 years.


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