JEWISH HOME KNESSET REPRESENTATIVE MOTI YOGEV told Israel Radio the Netanyahu-Trump meeting marked a “clear deviation from the Oslo lane and the two-state” solution.

Yogev believed Israel now saw eye to eye with the US on a range of issues, including Iran, the Sunni opposition, Mideast terrorism, and the Palestinians.

He said the vision was Israel sovereignty from the Jordan to the sea, with Jewish settlement and Palestinian autonomy.

He also avoided like the plague answering directly a question by host Aryeh Golan whether Trump’s bluntly public request of Netanyahu not to build in the settlements for a little while did not signal that Washington was really calling the shots on the settlements, rather than Israel.

Yogev likewise rejected later comments from US diplomats like Nikki Haley at the UN that Washington did in fact continue to support the two-state solution.

RAMAT HASHARON LAW ENFORCEMENT agents said they foiled an attempted car-bomb attack against a soccer player in Ramat Hasharon. Two suspects were arrested.

Police believe the two are involved in a criminal cell that set off a car bomb in Tel Aviv earlier this months against a soccer player, wounding six people including the driver of the vehicle.



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