THE HEAD OF HUMAN RESOURCES AT EL AL said flight inspectors were pressuring other pilots at Israel’s signature airline company to quit amid a high-profile labor dispute that has threatened to ground planes and cause financial damage.

“They’re putting inordinate pressure on their friends, with threats, promising future boycotts — after all these inspectors are supposed to go back to flying with them again — to convince them to resign and to disrupt operations,” Shlomi Am Shalom, the head of HR at EL Al, told the IDF radio station.

“We won’t lend a hand to that,” he said.

El Al is being sued for higher wages by pilots at the company aged 65-67 who no longer fly commercial jets, but provide training. The inspectors threatened to resign, which would have disrupted normal El Al flights.

A Tel Aviv labor court ordered intensive negotiations to continue through Saturday and the inspectors agreed not to quit in the interim.

ISRAELI MINISTER YISRAEL KATZ (Likud) said he knew “with certainty” that the US and Israel were not “going to advance the foundation of a Palestinian state.”

The minister called the establishment of a Palestinian state “irrelevant,” especially with Mahmoud Abbas and Yahya Sinwar leading the Palestinian factions in the West Bank and Gaza, respectively.

“It’s no surprise, I know it with certainty,” the transportation minister said.

HAIFA CHEMICALS HAS REJECTED a court order to empty a 12,000-ton ammonia tank near Haifa Bay. The court decided the ammonia tank represented a national security threat.

Haifa Chemicals also stopped supplying ammonia to its customers, which violated the court order as well.


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