ATTORNEY YOSI HAVILAV said the venue he represented, the Barbur Gallery in Jerusalem, would ignore a city order to close up shop before hosting a Breaking the Silence event on Wednesday.

“The only consideration behind the decision [to ask the gallery to close] is a political consideration, to satisfy Likud voters after Miri Regev’s letter,” said Havilav, referring to a missive by the culture and sport minister calling on the Jerusalem municipality to cancel the event.

Regev had called on Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat to have the cultural event shut down, and the the mayor’s office twice sent representatives to the Barbur Gallery to request they close before the Breaking the Silence event.

Regev opposes Breaking the Silence over its mission of showcasing soldiers’ testimonies of alleged IDF abuses. She accused the group of producing “libel about IDF soldiers.”

Exhibiting how far up the Breaking the Silence state offensive goes, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked foreign leaders this week to withhold funding from groups including Breaking the Silence.

Last July, the Jerusalem municipalities tried unsuccessfully to close the Barbur Gallery in Jerusalem’s Nahlaot neighborhood in order to build a preschool on the site.

OPPOSITION LEADER ISAAC HERZOG said his wife first noticed he was having a stroke last Friday night.

“…During Friday night dinner… I started feeling badly, I said a few things unclearly and Michal saw that something in my face didn’t like like it always did,” he recounted.

“So she figured it out and forced me into the car and drove to the hospital. And that’s how it went,” he said.

Herzog stayed in the Tel Aviv hospital overnight.

POLICE OFFICERS IN LOD removed private security cameras that were put up anonymously in public areas without a permit.

Some 58 closed-circuit cameras were removed from telephone poles and street signs.

YESH ATID CHAIRMAN Yair Lapid said Israel should head to early elections if criminal charges are brought against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for corruption.

The Attorney-General’s office has been investigating Netanyahu for graft charges including accepting gifts from influential individuals and organizing deals with leading media people.

Lapid said attempts to form a replacement government would be “undemocratic” if Netanyahu stepped down.


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