CONSTRUCTION MINISTER YOAV GALANT said Israel should be prepared for a war before summer.

“I’m singling out next spring as the point we have to be prepared for,” Galant, a former IDF commander, told Israel’s army radio station. He gave no further details.

His comments came after Israel struck multiple targets in the Gaza Strip, responding to attacks from Gaza.

No Palestinians were killed in the round of aerial bombings and border shelling on Monday and Tuesday. Fifteen were injured, according to Al Resalah.

Galant also mentioned the settlement-arrangement bill (now translated as, land-grab bill, in Haaretz), which passed more Knesset hurdles on Monday.

He said it was up to the High Court now to respond. The law would restrict the Supreme Court from ordering home demolitions in the West Bank..

EDUCATION MINISTER NAFTALI BENNETT said a new war was just a question of time.

“We need to open the gates of fire on our enemy so these things cease to recur,” said the education minister. “There’s no other way to triumph and overcome the enemy.”

SOON, MAKING BETS ON THE HORSE RACES will be illegal. According to government reforms, the authorities will not renew contracts with companies organizing Israeli betting on horse races that expire in August 2018.

The government is trying to end gambling on horse races even before then, within the next couple of months.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon has called the revenues from horse racing “tainted money.

Gambling is mostly illegal in Israel, though Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supports building casinos in the southern port city of Eilat.

CULTURE MINISTER MIRI REGEV asked the Jerusalem mayor to shut down an NGO event about settlers and the IDF.

The event is put on by Breaking the Silence and features its director putting on a talk under the headline, “Settler Involvement in IDF Operations in the Territories.”

Regev’s order came as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked the Belgium president to cut funding to groups like specifically Breaking the Silence, which seeks out soldiers’ testimonials about human rights abuses in the army.


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