JUST A FEW HOURS after announcing her candidacy to head the country’s most powerful labor union, Labor Knesset rep. Shelly Yachimovich accused the incumber Histadrut chairman Avi Nissenkorn of trying to derail the elections.

“What happened here was a foolish and contemptible attempt to prevent elections,” Yachimovich told Israel’s army radio station. “That’s what these past six months have all been about.”

The former Labor chairwoman and Histadrut outsider said she was calling for democratic elections.

Yachimovich announced her candidacy a few hours earlier. According to comments in The Marker, she was running on a campaign to clean up the Histadrut leadership.

In the comments, Yachimovich also thanked her “partner,” Knesset rep. Eitan Cabel (Labor).

Nissenkorn responded by accusing Yachimovich and Cabel of organizing a “political deal” over the Histadrut and demanded they expose it.

“This has nothing to do with the Histadrut,” he said.

Cabel ran a couple of combative yet futile Histadrut leadership campaigns in 2012 and 2014. He lost to Nissenkorn, an ally of former chairman Ofer Eini, in 2014.

CONSTRUCTION MINISTER YOAV GALANT said he’d back the the settlement-arrangement bill, which will face Knesset votes this week.

Galant, a member of Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s Koolanu Party, said he had agreed to support the settlement-arrangement bill as long as provision 7, which shielded Amona from the Supreme Court’s demolition order, was removed.

Kahlon was instrumental in delaying the settlement-arrangement bill over the court order on Amona, saying he wouldn’t support legislation that undermined the Supreme Court.

If passed, the settlement-arrangement bill will retroactively legalize settlements and settlement housing in the West Bank.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meanwhile said he wanted to discuss the bill with President Trump’s administration, which earlier this week threw cold water on expanding the settlements.

DEFENSE MINISTER AVIGDOR LIBERMAN said he was forfeiting plans to move Army Radio from the IDF to the Defense Ministry.

Liberman scrapped the army radio plans after Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblitt told him the move would necessitate primary legislation.



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