ISRAEL’S UN AMBASSADOR, Danny Danon, joined the choir in Jerusalem heralding a much “better” era for Israel now that Donald Trump is president.

Though the White House just threw cold water on Israeli moves to expand the settlements, many Israeli lawmakers and diplomats are optimistic about the Trump presidency. Especially after the Obama administration dramatically ended things by withholding a veto on a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

“We’ll see much better times ahead than over the last eight years,” Danon, also in Likud, told Israel’s national radio broadcaster.

“We set our policies. That’s how it was and how it’ll always be. We’re a sovereign nation,” he said. “We won’t always be in full agreement with the United States over the next four years about everything.”

A White House official told the Jerusalem Post this week the Trump administration had told Israel it was committed to the two-state solution. The Trump White House advised Israel to refrain from announcing new settlements or settlement housing.

LIKUD KNESSET REP. AVI DICHTER said outsiders came to the Amona settlement this week to carry out criminal activities and violence.

He said “criminals” were exploiting the situation in Amona for their own “needs.” Dichter didn’t name names regarding said criminals.

But the demolition of Amona this week ended with a standoff between Police and demonstrators holed up in the local synagogue. Police reported being fired on with tear gas and other chemical agents. Dozens of people were injured, police and protesters alike. A swastika marked the wall.

Dichter agreed the Trump administration would be more relaxed about existing settlements. He remained confident about a permanent solution for the tens of thousands of families already living in settlements beyond the 1967 line.





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