INVESTIGATORS questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the third time on Thursday (#bibigate). The questioning lasted about three hours, according to Army Radio.

Shortly thereafter, Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, sent a greeting to a Likud Party meeting in Eilat saying “most of the Israeli public doesn’t buy the attack against” the prime minister.

“I sense great support wherever I go. We can be very proud of the Likud movement’s support for its leaders all these years,” the greeting said.

The prime minister is being investigated as part of a widespread corruption case, which also involves media magnate Noni Mozes. Mozes, who owns Yedioth Aharonoth, has been questioned six times by police. The two are suspected of striking a deal in which the prime minister bought favorable coverage from Mozes’ usually-hostile press.

JUSTICE MINISTER Ayelet Shaked denied the role of the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process in motivating Palestinian terrorists to continue to seek out and kill Israeli Jews.

Speaking at a commemoration for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Shaked said “here in Israel, Jews aren’t being killed because of Palestinian frustration over the delayed peace process.”

“They’re being killed because of anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, and incitement to terror,” she said.

Earlier this week the IDF said it thwarted two terrorist attacks in the West Bank, a car-ramming at a bus stop and an attempting shooting.

On Thursday, IDF officials said there had been a dip in terrorist attacks in the West Bank in 2016, compared to previous year which saw the launching of the so-called “stabbing intifada.”

KNESSET MEMBER OSAMA SAADI (Joint List) said there would be grave consequences if the Knesset discusses again the controversial settlement-rearrangement bill.

“Illegal occupation and foreign rule will never become legal. Expropriating land to legalize the settlements is a provocation and rubs salt in the Palestinian nation’s wounds,” said Saadi.

Netanyahu opposed the bill last November in its then-form and the A-G warned that it may be unconstitutional. The bill would offer retroactive legalization to thousands of settlement homes in established and far-flung settlements built on private Palestinian land in the West Bank, offering Palestinian landowners some kind of compensation.

A special Knesset committee is set to discuss the bill on Monday, according to Israel’s national public radio.


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